Thing 10 – Creative Commons

I had never heard about creative commons until I watched the two videos in this lesson.   I am somewhat familiar with copyright and I often see copyright signs on products that have logos or in books, etc.  Thinking back, I haven’t really noticed the CC logo on any websites.  Now that I am looking for it, I will likely see it on more websites.  You know how that goes.  I think this will impact the way the students learn and complete projects.  I think it will open so many doors for the students.  As it said in the video, it is like “standing on the shoulders of your peers.”  As I think about this, it makes me think that the sky is the limit.  If someone else has created something, why should we create it again.  It makes more sense to build upon it.  For me as a teacher, I have seen power points on the internet.  I have used them a little bit but I now realize I can take their power point and change it to meet my specific needs.  I have used video clips on occasion but after seeing how this course has used the video clips, I will be using more of them to teach.  The videos that have accompanied all of these lessons are an important reminder of how helpful they are for me when learning new material.  I have never shared content on the web.  I guess I don’t feel like I have anything to offer right now.  Maybe after completing this course I will be more inclined to share material.

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