Thing 7b- Reading my Reader about Writing

On my reader, I ran across a post from Two Writing Teachers.  It gave some notes from Kathy Bomer’s keynote address at the Writing Institute Conference.  The title was “What About the Child Who __________?”  She made several good points.  We basically need to meet the child where they are.  The child has to write badly before they can write well.  I believe, and she reinforced, that all students should keep a writing journal.  Sometimes it is the quick writing that you feel doesn’t have to be perfect that creates the greatest gift.  As a teacher, we need to see a child’s strenghts and not always focus on their weakness.  We should not assume they can’t do anything.  It is important to give the students a reason to write.  It is best if they have an audience.  This brings me to publishing which can reinforce to students that they are writing for a reason and they have an audience.  It’s also important to celebrate the kid’s writing with them.  Focus on what they have done right and not just their errors.  I recently saw a session from the k-12 online conference that used blogging between first grade students and college students who were pre-service teachers. It gave the first grade students a reason to write which influenced their attitude toward writing and motivated them to work hard not to mention improved their writing.  This may be something you might want to read.  It is called Prove It  “We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff with Blogging Mentors.”

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  1. Hi Lisa
    thanks for your kind comments to me – and I want to say what a great idea to submit the 4th graders writings to the high school – they would think that was so cool. It is important for them to have an audience besides the teacher. I meant to tell you that last year we had penpals from Illinois. It kind of served the same purpose for writing friendly letters – and they certainly looked forward to it.

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