Thing 15 – It’s Delicious!

I enjoyed exploring the social networking site Delicious.  I spent more than 30-45 minutes on the site and it was very interesting.  I was reminded how social networking can save you time.  I really enjoyed searching other peoples delicious accounts for things that interested me.   I found it very easy to find and tag new sites.  Once I got the hang of it, it came very natural.   I recalled that I could not access my website bookmarks from computers other than mine and being able to access my favorites from any computer is a wonderful feature.

I have a colleague that is always sending me excellent websites.  I can bookmark them and save them it to my delicious account.  This is something I would like to help her learn how to do.  She is always finding some of the most creative and helpful websites for teaching.  I would love to teach her how so I could access her delicious account.  I am sure there are a lot more people like her out there.  Who knows what I might find!

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